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Kerala Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda in Kerala is really a valuable feature of South India. Ayurveda in Kerala is practiced just like a religion. The ancient method of medication of the earth, Ayurveda, had created and practiced from the erstwhile period of Vedas. Ayurveda, literally meaning the science of life, has originated from the Rig Vedic period (approximately 2000 BC).

As discovered in the Ayurveda, the three most vital body fluids are Wind or Vatta, Phlegm or Kapha and Bile or Pitta - is required to be well balanced to maintain a healthy body. An individual falls sick for the reason that, sudden imbalance or lack of one of these three fluids. Fresh extracts of medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, barks of trees, animal products as well as minerals are usually the main constituents of Ayurvedic medicines. Explore on a Kerala Ayurveda Treatments for the rejuvenating experience.

The fundamental principle of Ayurveda is always to concentrate on the prevention of illness, rejuvenation of body as well as to increase your life span. The Ayurveda medication is really a systematic method depending on diet plan, massages, herbs, meditation as well as yoga, accompanied by special therapy generally known as Panchakarma. This overall method maintains the balance between body and mind.

Ayurveda provides treatments for many diseases. The Ayurvedic tradition and practice in Kerala has developed through the years some distinctive treatments. They are Shirodhara, Sarvanga Dhara, Pizhichil, Navarakkizhi, Sirovasti, Pichu and Sirolepa. Besides these specialized methods, the famous Panchakarma treatments in Kerala are Snehapanam Kashayavasthy, Snehavasthy, Nasyam, Virechanam and Raktamoksham.

The following are some important treatments of Ayurveda in Kerala

Dhanyamla Dhara
Yoni Prakshalanam

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